Vocabulary Day!

Reading comprehension depends upon the meaning readers give words. The more vocabulary words students know, the better they are able to comprehend.  A rich vocabulary also improves students’ ability to communicate through speaking, listening, and writing.

We had fun celebrating Vocabulary Day!

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4 Responses to Vocabulary Day!

  1. C's mom says:

    Everybody looks SO adorable!!! You look like a real vet, Cici!

  2. Shallan Hazlewood says:

    Thank you friends!!! Wanted to share how much I ENJOY checking out all of the UNUSUAL outfits. I’m having so much fun…this could be my full-time OCCUPATION!!!
    Whoever invented Vocab Day is my HERO 🤣

  3. Dad says:

    Great activity, Jack was so excited to get up and dressed for the day!

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