Book Swap Fun

The class enjoyed shopping at the Lower School Book Swap today!

Exploring Money

This week the class explored money through a variety of different activities. Students counted the value of different coins by applying the strategies of counting on and skip-counting from the coin of greatest value by first arranging the coins in order. We also learned that the same amount of money can be represented in different combinations of coins.



Students compared and measured weight using non-standard units this week. The class compared weight using terms such as light/lighter/lightest and heavy/heavier/heaviest/as heavy as. We also used a balance to order things from heaviest to lightest.

img_4442 img_4443 img_4444  img_4469 img_4470 img_4471 img_4472 img_4473 img_4474

Snow Fun!

screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-10-50-23-am img_4452 img_4454img_4455 img_4456 img_4460 img_4457 img_4458 img_4459

Class Holiday Photos :)

img_4264 img_4266 img_4269

Finding Length in Units

Students learned to use objects to measure length. They used the term unit to describe length. This prepares them to use standard units in higher grades. The class worked to measure things in the classroom with paper clips and craft sticks. Students found that more paper clips than craft sticks are required because paper clips are shorter than craft sticks.

img_4132 img_4135 img_4140 img_4145 img_4147 img_4148 img_4149 img_4150    img_4142

Grandparents’ & Special Friends’ Morning Photos

img_4043 img_4041 img_4037 img_4039 img_4040 img_4042 img_4041 img_4046 img_4024 img_4022 img_4023 img_4045 img_4043 img_4029 img_4042 img_4028 img_4027 img_4026 img_4025 img_4035 img_4047 img_4034 img_4046 img_4045 img_4042 img_4033 img_4031 img_4030 img_4047  img_4040 img_4039 img_4037 img_4036

Owl Pellet Dissections

img_3906 img_3907 img_3908 img_3909 img_3910 img_3911 img_3912 img_3914 img_3915 img_3916 img_3917 img_3918 img_3919 img_3920 img_3921 img_3922 img_3923 =  img_3926 img_3925 img_3922 img_3923 img_3924


img_3768 img_3769 img_3770 img_3774 img_3773 img_3781 img_3782 img_3783 img_3785 img_3786 img_3775 img_3776 img_3777 img_3780 img_3779 img_3787 img_3788 img_3789 img_3795 img_3792 img_3796 img_3797 img_3798 img_3799 img_3800 img_3804 img_3805 img_3806 img_3818 img_3825 img_3826 img_3827 img_3828 img_3829 img_3830

Candy Corn Day!

img_3723 img_3724 img_3721    img_3725 img_3727 img_3728 img_3729 img_3730 img_3731 img_3735 img_3736 img_3733 img_3734

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