Liquid Level Investigation


Students worked in pairs to observe what happens to liquid as it slowly tips in a closed bottle. We learned that the surface of liquid is level with respect to the ground.

Liquids in Containers Investigation


The class worked with a partner to pour one full small vial of water into each container. Then they drew a line on each picture showing the level of the water. Students answered questions during the investigation. What is the shape of the water in the bottle? In the cup? In the flat container? In the large vial? Does each container have the same amount of water in it? Which container looks like it has the most water in it? Why?


Faculty vs. 5th Grade Basketball Game & 1st Grade Slam Dunk Show

Faculty vs. 5th Grade Basketball Game

Halftime Show Teacher Flash Mob

First Grade Slam Dunk Show


Author Visit

Elise Broach, author of Masterpiece, and many other children’s books visited us today. She talked about where she gets the inspiration for her stories, how long it takes to write them, the editing process, and how the illustrator matched her pictures with Mrs. Broach’s story. We enjoyed her visit!

Investigating Solids

Students are learning that everything on earth is either solid, liquid, or gas. During our investigations, students explored the properties of solids. Things we know about objects by looking at them or feeling them are called properties.


This week the class became engineers during the Tower Challenge. Some scientists are engineers. Engineers use what they know about the properties of solids, liquids, or gases to build useful things.


Be The Best You Can Be

The lower school learned the importance of having a healthy and balanced diet, being physically active 60 minutes a day, not bullying, and working hard in the classroom. What a fun morning hosted by the Indianapolis Colts!


Storybook Character Day

What a wonderful way to celebrate reading! We had so much fun showing off our costumes, sharing our books, and reading throughout the day.



Brain Break

Students worked hard learning to subtract a 2-digit number from a 2-digit number with regrouping! We celebrated a job well done with a brain break!



Valentine’s Day Party


Walker Theatre Field Trip

Madam C.J. Walker, was an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the first female self-made millionaire in America. Indianapolis is where Madam C.J. Walker built a factory, hair and manicure salon, and another training school. The Walker Theatre was Madam Walker’s legacy to the city of Indianapolis. First grade had a great time learning more about the history of the area and Madam C.J. Walker’s life.


Friendly Letters

Students were introduced to the parts of a friendly letter this week. They are writing letters to peers, other students, and teachers around the school. What fun sending and receiving snail mail can be!



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