Camp Skeeter Campfire Song!

Holliday Park Nature Center Field Trip Photos


First Day of Camp Skeeter Photos!


Vocabulary Day!


Parents’ and Special Guests’ Morning Photos


Pennies for the Pantry Field Trip Photos


Counting Pennies for the Coin Drive

Our class was invited to help count the pennies collected on Monday for the Scholastic Book Fair Coin Drive! We counted over 30 dollars that will be donated to purchase books for the First Baptist Food Pantry and Crooked Creek Pantry. We are penny counting pros!


Garbage Takes Up Space – Our Recycling Experiment

What happens to trash that is not recycled? Students were asked this questioned and learned that tires are one of many items that do not always get recycled and take up a large amount of space at the landfill. Tires can sit there for thousands of years and they don’t break down. We learned how recycling can reduce the amount of trash in landfills. After reading Here Comes the Garbage Barge by Jonah Winter and watching a video about how tires get recycled, we completed our own experiment!

Each group started with a clear cup half full of cheerios, which represented tires. The group drew a line on the cup to document the height of the ‘tires’.

Each student took a turn smashing the cheerios into crumbs and noticed how they reduced the amount of tires by breaking them down.





With the amount of tires reduced, students mixed the crumbs together with a few other ingredients to form roads. We discussed other uses for recycled tires too!

Happy Healthy Me

First grade participated in the Happy Healthy Me program presented by the Ruth Lilly Health Education Center. Students learned about the food groups, physical activity, feelings, and the structure, function, and care of bones and muscles. What a great way to promote health-conscious decision making and to reinforce the benefits of good health!


Root Beer Float Experiment Photos

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