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Social Studies

The fourth grade social studies curriculum includes both geographical and historical concepts. Indiana and American history are combined to present a snapshot illustrating the story of our past.  A kaleidoscope of history, geography, biography, literature, and art are enhanced with opportunities to develop nonfiction writing.

This program involves active learning along with the development of higher-level thinking skills. The student will continue to develop the skills needed to acquire information as well as to process and report information.

Children will be able to:

  • grasp a sense of their time and place in the human story
  • have an understanding of their location as related to the rest of the world
  • recognize the importance of individuals who have contributed and made a difference in history
  • perceive past events and issues as experienced by people at the time to develop historical empathy
  • be comfortable with skills of research and process writing
  • appreciate and understand their place in American history as a citizen or as a recent immigrant.

Geographical concepts:

  • Continents and oceans
  • Finding location – latitude and longitude
  • Reading and deriving information from maps

Indiana History:

  • History through contemporary Indiana
  • Archaeological Conclusions
  • Conflict – Native Americans and Europeans

American History:

  • Land exploration
  • Jamestown and Plymouth Colony
  • Colonial America – War of Independence
  • Pioneer settlement of lands west of the Appalachians


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