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To assist all students while moving from concrete to pictorial to abstract thinking.

To develop confidence and competence with:

  • Problem Solving
  • Computation
  • Vocabulary
  • Concepts
  • Application

 Content Strands

  • Numbers and Numeration
  • Data Analysis / Graphs
  • Measures and Measurement
  • Geometry / Spatial Sense
  • Mental Math / Number Bonds
  • Number Patterns
  • Problem Solving

Features of the Program

  • Problem-solving strategies using critical thinking skills
  • Sharing ideas through discussion
  • Fewer topics are covered but with greater depth
  • Cooperative learning through partner and small-group activities
  • Math games in class and online

Basic Facts

Fourth grade students should have addition and subtraction facts mastered before entering fourth grade.

This year, students will master multiplication and division facts in fourth grade.  Nightly practice at home is strongly recommended.

Automaticity of basic facts will enable students to problem solve and work through mental math problems with greater ease.



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