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Language Arts

Fourth grade begins a subtle shift in reading instruction. Students are developing skills in reading for understanding while diving deeper into greater connections (self to text, text to text, world to text).  The fourth grade language arts program is a combination of the mechanics of reading and writing.  It is important to stimulate the imagination, to awaken enthusiasm, to motivate and generate a feeling for living literature via a variety of genres (fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, biography, etc). Our overarching theme is Survival.  It is our goal to develop a lifelong love of reading within each student.


  • comprehend a variety of information using many genres
  • interpret and apply information
  • compare information
  • create new ideas and/or opinions based on information
  • foster fluency and expression

Reading Skills We Practice:

+ sequencing                            + theme/purposes

+ main idea                               + drawing conclusions

+ summarizing                          + predicting outcomes

+ fact/opinion                            + character analysis

+ cause/effect                           +  inferential thinking


     We introduce the study of vocabulary through our novel studies and the text, Wordly Wise 3000.  We believe reading comprehension and vocabulary are strongly correlated.  Direct instruction, coupled with reading, may be the most important ways for children to increase their vocabulary.


     Our focus in grammar is syntax, parts of speech, conventions and the job of each word within the sentence.


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