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  1. MAY 15TH – 19TH

    May 21, 2017 by saveryt

    News of the Week – FINAL EDITION:

    • Welcomed back Mr Waters from his wedding weekend!
    • Attended the sixth grade Memorial Day Ceremony
    • Attended the Senior Serenade on Friday!
    • Going to see the third grade productions of Johnny Appleseed, the Musical on Tuesday of next week.
    • Field Day is next Wednesday – hoping for pleasant weather!
    • Thursday is a half-day, with dismissal at 11.00.



    • Continued figuring the perimeter and area of composite figures (a combination of rectangles creating one figure)
    • The students began planning their own playgrounds, based on the area and perimeter of our present playground.  




    • The Cay: The students are enjoying the novel, we will finish the novel early next week.  Timothy gets rid of bad jumbi (bad luck). Phillip helps Timothy through a recurrence of malaria, but there is a fierce hurricane coming.  Timothy leaves Phillip a legacy that will insure his survival.
    • Out of My Mind:


    • Tuck Everlasting:
    • Genre: Informational Article
    • Vocabulary:  
      • archaeology, document, era, evidence,expedition, permanent, tremendous, uncover
      • Using context clues to understand proverbs and adages
    • Strategies:  Comprehension – Summarizing;  Skill – Sequencing



    • Words spelled with a consonant+le at the end (pebble, jungle, buckle, etc)


    Grammar:  Comparing using:

    • good – better, best
    • bad – worse, worst



    • Wrapping up five paragraph persuasive essay
    • Ending with a strong conclusion
    • Finish typing, revising, and editing



    • Holobek
      • Continued our robotics unit.  Ask your child about their progress.
    • Averyt and Williams
      • Finished building our bottle rockets
      • Launched bottle rockets outside.  Ask your child about how their rocket performed.


    Social Studies:


    • The war has ended—learned about the people who helped Washington defeat Cornwallis at Yorktown
    • Explained the importance of the Battle of Yorktown.
    • Described the results of the American Revolution both positive and negative


  2. MAY 8TH – 12TH

    May 14, 2017 by saveryt

    News of the Week

    • Lower School brought in over $500 at the book fair in change, and this was used to purchase books for First Baptist Food Pantry.
    • We presented at this week’s Community Meeting, sharing information and our thoughts about volunteering at Westminster.  
    • IF you want to purchase the summer reading books, please send in your order form and money asap.
    • The BIGGEST news of the week is Mr Waters is getting married on Saturday!
    • Uniform Drive
      • When: Wed., May 17- Wed., May 24
      • Where: Bins will be in the LS Lobby
      • What: collared shirts (red, blue and white), pants, shorts, skorts, skirts (khaki and navy), sweatshirts, sweaters, and coats too.
      • (we prefer clothing without PT logo, but we will collect PT logo clothing separately)
      • Who: We are donating all clothing to Westminster Neighborhood Center for their Back to School event in July.
      • All students will be able to have Children Choice Days on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (May 22, 23 and 25) Wednesday is Field Day and students can come dressed in White or Red to support their team.​



    • Finding the area and perimeter of a rectangle when we know the lengths of two sides
    • Finding the length of a side when we know the area of the whole shape and one other side, then finding the perimeter
    • Finding the length of a side of a square when all we know is the area, then finding the perimeter
    • Finding the perimeter of a composite figure



      • Essential Question:  What can you discover when looking closely at something?


    • The Cay


        • This compelling novel is set in the Caribbean during World War II.  It is 1942. Phillip Enright lives on the island of Curacao in the Dutch West Indies with his parents.  His father, an engineer,  is needed there to help develop and produce aviation fuel desperately needed for the allied war effort. Phillip’s mother is desperate to return to Virginia to the rest of their family and out of harm’s way.  Phillip’s father remains in Curacao, while Philip and his mother take a freighter home. The freighter is torpedoed by a German Uboat,  When abandoning ship, Phillip and his mother are separated, and Phillip receives a blow to the head.  He awakes aboard a raft with a black deck worker, Timothy, and the ship’s cat.  Phillip goes blind.  Students are riveted to this novel.


    • Tuck Everlasting


        • While exploring in the wood near her home (with the intent of running away), Winnie Foster meets the Tucks and is kidnapped (?) because she has discovered a secret best left secret.  But who is the man in the yellow suit?


    • Out of My Mind




    • Use of “more” and “most” when comparing (more afraid but  not afraider, most exciting but not excitingest)
    • Review of commas used when combining sentences (The day was beautiful, but it was going to rain that night) and with appositives (My favorite school, Park Tudor, is 115 years old.)



    • R-controlled vowels (labor, mayor, cheddar, powder)



    • Finished up an important project – to be given this weekend
    • Continued to work through the “meaty” paragraphs of our five paragraph persuasiv essay
    • Reviewed the closing paragraph – remembering to include a “call to action”



    • The weavings are going to be hung outside the teacher’s lounge on the bulletin board.
    • Students worked well on their projects, unfortunately they were not all able completely finish due in part to holidays and the trip to Williamsburg.  I see this as an opportunity to demonstrate all the different  steps the students went through to complete the weavings, they should all be proud of what they have accomplished. If they are hung unfinished they will be able to complete them when they are returned.



    Our study of the recorder is quickly drawing to a close as summer break approaches, and  I am very pleased with the skills and self-confidence the students have developed over the course of the semester.  Students are reading and playing a variety of treble staff songs accurately and expressively with an increasing ease and speed.  With our newest note B flat, we have learned to read and finger a total of ten notes.  Our final required playing quizzes of “Jingle Bells” and “Ode to Joy” have been augmented with several optional “challenge” songs for the students to attempt.  During our final classes, students are invited to perform alone any or all of these challenge songs, demonstrating to me the depth and range of their work at home.  Hopefully, you may hear these songs echoing through your house!

    1. When the Saints Go Marching In – ties and and an upbeat start
    2. Swahili Greeting – uses the three lowest notes we can play: C-D-E
    3. Happy Birthday – has an octave jump from low D to high D
    4. Yankee Doodle – the longest and most challenging of our songs
    5. The Snake Charmer – incorporates a new note, B flat, and is in minor

    Thank you for your support and encouragement of your child’s recorder study.  The practice habits and skills they are learning will serve them well in our fifth grade instrumental program next fall.




    • Holobek


      • Continued our robotics unit.  Ask your child about their progress.
    • Williams and Averyt
      • Split up into our rocket groups and began brainstorming rocket designs.
      • Began building our rockets and will launch next week!



    Our latest series of stories have had the kids laughing… or at least learning how to talk about a character who laughs (se ríe) at jokes (chistes) or funny movies (películas cómicas).  We were able to extend conversations into talking about our family members and which ones tell jokes, who listens, who laughs etc.  I have been amazed at the quantity of language that we have been able to get out of this topic!

    I have had some questions about suggestions for practicing Spanish over the summer.  All fourth grade students have set up Duolingo accounts this year and this is one option for practicing online.   There is also a great resource from the University of Texas with Spanish proficiency exercises, which include short clips of native speakers going over basics (in the beginning section) as well as more intermediate passages.  I will be showing the kids how to navigate this site during one of our Spanish classes next week.

    In addition to the free online resources, there are some paid programs, which may be of interest to some of the kids.  FluentU offers a free 2 week trail and then it is $20 a month for access to videos and online quizzes etc.


  3. May 1st – 5th

    May 7, 2017 by saveryt

    This week’s news:

    • Thank you everyone who was able to come to school today for our Special Guest Day – we sure enjoy having you visit and get a small look into your child’s daily adventures, especially after following our recent trip to Virginia.
    • The Book Fair was a great success – thank you for your support!
    • Monday (8th) will be our “almost last” visit to Westminster this year.  We have a full car that day.  There are still openings for our final viist of the year on the 22nd.
    • I think we’ve weathered through that stomach bug – please!



    • Essential Question:  How can inventions solve problems?
    • Genre:
      • Informational text
      • Biography
    • Strategies:
      • Summarizing
      • Problem and Solution
      • Root words (Greek and Latin)



    • Comparative and superlative adjectives
    • Good, better, best
    • Bad, worse, worst
    • Review of letter writing punctuation



    • Vowel teams (brain, oatmeal, compound, sleeve, etc)



    • Continued to work on 5 paragraph persuasive essay
      • Completed and typed introductory paragraph with thesis sentence
      • Began work on the middle three paragraphs



    • Quest over chapter 11
    • Began learning about area and perimeter of squares and rectangles



    • Holobek
      • Continued our robotics unit.  Ask your child about their progress.
    • Averyt and Williams
      • Read an article about black holes and discussed how black holes are formed
      • Played Nine Mens’ Morris in preparation for Special Guest Day
      • Watched a video about how black holes and discussed how they become so massive

  4. April 24th – April 28th

    April 29, 2017 by saveryt

    Book Fair!!!

    Dear Families: Get ready to celebrate the love of reading with our upcoming Scholastic Book Fair! We will have many fun reading activities and events planned for your child as part of the Fair. We hope you can join us! Visit the Book Fair with your student between May 1st and May 5th to join in the fun.

    This year, one of our Book Fair goals is to ensure as many children as possible have access to and receive books. One of the ways we can do that is through the All for Books program. With your help, donations will purchase books for First Baptist Food Pantry and Crooked Creek Pantry.

    Not only does your donation help our cause, but Scholastic Book Fairs® will match monetary donations with a donation of up to $1 million in books from The Scholastic Possible Fund, which distributes books to children in need through organizations such as Kids In Need Foundation, Reader to Reader, Inc., and the National Center for Families Learning.

    Coin-a-day Challenge

    Next week, our school is participating in a coin drive called the Coin-a-day Challenge. Each day represents a different type of coin.

    •                Penny Monday
    •                Nickel Tuesday
    •                Dime Wednesday
    •                Quarter Thursday
    •                Any Coin Friday

    If you have loose coins hiding under couch cushions, floor mats, in pants pockets, or the bottom of your bag, put them to good use by giving students more access to books they’ll want to read! Our school will use the donations to purchase books for First Baptist Food Pantry and Crooked Creek Pantry.

    On behalf of the students and teachers of our school, THANK YOU!


    Tina Kluemper

    Park Tudor Scholastic Book Fair Chairperson

    (Please continue below for our regular weekly happenings in Grade 4)


    News of the Week:

    • NOTE:  The last day for After Care will be Wednesday, the 24th May.  There will not be any After Care on the last day of school (Thursday the 25th).
    • Special Person Day is next Friday, the 5th of May.  Information and a schedule will be sent home soon!
    • The annual Book Fair begins next week!  Each homeroom will visit the fair twice – once to shop and get an idea of what is there, and the second time to purchase.  The book fair will be open before/during Friday’s Special Person Day.
    • The students participated in the Ruth Lilly Center’s Ready, Set, Grow! program on Tuesday.
    • We were also invited to watch a preview of the middle school’s production of The Lion King on Tuesday.
    • Monday (the 8th) will be another visit to Westminster.  We are full for that visit.  There are still available spaces for the 22nd.
    • Saturday (29th) is our first Community Garden Day in the LS Courtyard, from 10 – 12.  Come on by and help with some plantings!



    • Began using a new math tool – the drawing triangle.  This is handy when creating perpendicular and parallel lines.
    • Identified horizontal and vertical lines in drawings and in our classroom.
    • Identified what makes a square a square, and what makes a rectangle a rectangle.  We also learned all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares.
    • If we split a 90° angle into two smaller angles (one being 52°), we were able to find the size of the remaining angle without using a protractor.
    • We could evaluate the length of a figure’s side using what we know about squares and rectangles (opposite sides are equal and they all have 90° angles)



    • The Big Idea:  What helps you understand the world around you?
    • Essential Question:  What are some reasons people moved west?
    • Main genre:  tall tales
    • Comprehension Strategy:  Visualize
    • Comprehension Skill:  Cause & Effect
    • Vocabulary:  multiple meanings of a word


    • Closed syllables – syllables ending with a long-vowel sound (ba-con, tea-cher, fa-mous, etc)



    • Articles:  a, an, the
    • Introduced demonstrative adjectives:  this, that, these, those



    • Williamsburg Journals are due Monday, May 1st
    • Worked on a poetry project using similes and metaphors
    • Students have organized their pre-write of their five paragraph persuasive essay
    • Examined examples of three different approaches to the introductory paragraph
      • General Statement Introduction
      • Interrogatory Introduction
      • Quotation Introduction
    • Each student selected an approach, adding a further lead followed by a thesis statement


    Social Studies

    • Williamsburg Journals are due Monday, May 1st
    • Illustrated Road to Revolution Timelines
    • Identified the battles that began the Revolution and the point at which war was unavoidable.
    • Explained the importance of Bunker Hill

  5. Week of March 20th – 24th

    April 7, 2017 by saveryt

    News of the Week:

    • The students had another opportunity to go to Westminster on Monday, March 20th .  They got to help the clients shop for groceries and clothes.
    • The annual fifth grade vs faculty basketball game was held on Friday March 24th – and the students won in an overtime!
    • Information about packing and money was sent home on Friday.  There was also an email about this from Mrs Williams.



    • We started measuring angles this week (angles, not angels)
    • We started constructing angles using the protractor, a new tool for many of the students.
    • Today, we had some rotations where the students had the opportunity to practice what we’d learned this week.



      • Snow Treasure:  What an ending!  If you haven’t read this (written by Marie McSwigan – not really a very Norwegian name), pick it up at the library.  
      • Mouse and the Motorcycle:  Finished this adorable Beverly Cleary book and watched a short film of the story. There is a sequel – Runaway Ralph
      • Castle in the Attic:  Alastor is defeated, and Sir Simon has reclaimed his kingdom.  William and his nanny return to the real world.  There is a sequel!  Battle for the Castle
      • The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles – Tom, Ben, and Lindy have reached the palace and will finally get to meet the Whangdoodle.  Can the professor solve the Whangdoodle’s problem?





    • Completed a basic outline for five paragraph persuasive essay



    Please remember to be thoughtful and careful about where you take your weavings. If you aren’t going to be gone the entire break just leave it at home. Those of you who have made it to the middle line and don’t know how to weave the flap, just wait. If you have started weaving the flap and finish it, just wait.

    Have a great break!



    • Averyt
      • Concluded our robotics unit
    • Holobek
      • Launched our bottle rockets outside.  Ask your child about their experience.
    • Williams
      • Reviewed the digestive and circulatory systems
      • Discussed dissection expectations
      • Dissected a bullfrog in small groups.  Ask your child about their experience.


  6. February 27th – March 10th

    March 11, 2017 by saveryt

    General Announcements:

    • Thursday afternoon – 4th grade enjoyed the upper school production of Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes!”
    • Thank you for your recent donations.  We will be going to Westminster again on Monday and appreciate donations of clothing and toiletry items.  
    • Looking forward to next week meeting author, Elise Broach, on Tuesday, March 14th.  Information sent home on purchasing one of her books.
    • Parent/Teacher Conferences are next week on Thursday and Friday, March 16th and 17th.  Please use sign up genius to schedule your appointment.  We look forward to meeting with you.



    • Finished Chapter 7 an introduction to decimals to the tenths and hundredths place
    • Began adding and subtracting decimals to the hundredths place
    • “Regrouping”: our key word when adding and subtracting decimals. Instead of using words like borrowing and carrying, this word more accurately portrays what is happening. For example, regrouping 10 tenths as 1 one when adding or regrouping 1 one as 10 tenths when subtracting.
    • There will be a Chapter 8 “Quest” on Wednesday, March 15th.



    • Unit 4 Week 4
      • Essential Question – How do you explain what you see in the sky? (Genre – Expository Text)
      • Comprehension Strategy – asking and answering questions
      • Comprehension Skill – cause and effect
      • Vocabulary – Using context clues
    • Unit 4 Week 5
      • How do writer’s look at success in different ways? (Genre – Narrative Poetry)
      • Comprehension Strategy – literary elements – stanza, and use of repetition
      • Comprehension Skill – Theme
      • Vocabulary – exposed students to the terms denotation and connotation



    • Week 4 – diphthongs /oi/,  /oy/, /ou/, /ow/ (ex. – noises, annoy, mound, gown)
    • Week 5 – variant /o/ – au (caught), aw (drawn), al (halt), all (small), ough, (fought)


    • Week 4 – Possessive pronouns must match the noun they replace in number and gender
    • Week 5 – Types of pronouns and homophones – your/you’re, there/their/they’re, its/it’s, he/he’s


    • Opinion writing – “Would you rather”
    • Quiz on simple, compound, complex sentences
    • Finishing up Three Wishes for the World 3 point paragraph
    • Began discussing the art of persuading and persuasive writing



    • Averyt
      • Continued our robotics unit.  Ask your child about their progress.
    • Holobek
      • Demonstrated Newton’s Three Laws of Motion through various activities
      • Created paper rockets and tested to see what length of nose cone made the rocket fly the farthest.
      • Began working on building our soda bottle rockets.  Ask your child about their progress.
    • Williams
      • Read and discussed about how plants make their food through the process of photosynthesis and how nutrients are transported through xylem and phloem.
      • Planted seeds of broccoli, peas, spinach, and kale in our DIY greenhouse.  We are planning to plant them outside in late April after they have sprouted.
      • Began learning about the circulatory system of the human body and comparing it to how plants transport nutrients.


  7. Week of February 21st – 24th

    February 26, 2017 by saveryt

    News of the Week:


    • Thank you so very much for the lovely feast and treats on Friday at the Faculty Appreciation Lunch in the Wood Room.  This is always a very much looked-forward-to event in our school year!
    • We will be going to Westminster again Monday, February 27th.   If you are looking to clear out that closet, we appreciate any donations of clothing as well as the small hotel sized  toiletry items.


    • Reviewed place value (tenths and hundredths)
    • Compared decimals, put them in order,


    • How do inventions and technology affect your life?
    • Genre:  Historical Fiction
    • Strategies and Skills: Make predictions and point of view

    Williams– In addition to Wonders, New Novels! This week we began our novel study—a fantasy.  Students are reading The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles, Castle in the Attic or The Mouse and the Motorcycle.  Each is a highly imaginative story and a marvelous tale.  It is said, The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles may have been an inspiration for newer fantasies such as Harry Potter.

    Averyt – Our class will also be studying the genre of Fantasy in novel form for the rest of the quarter in addition to our regular Wonders reading program..  Students have been divided into small groups reading one of the following novels:  The Mouse and the Motorcycle, by Beverly Cleary; The Castle in the Attic, by Elizabeth Winthrop; and The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles, by Julie Andrews Edwards.  



    • Pronoun-verb agreement
    • Correct use of commas and quotation marks to mark direct speech in conversation



    • All about U- oo, ew, u ue, ou, u_e



    • Reinforced the grammar lesson looking closely at how writers show dialogue
    • Practiced putting the tag (said _______ ) at the end, beginning, or in the middle of a quotation.
    • Shared one of our personification pieces ( a perspective of a nonhuman object taking on human-like qualities)



    • Averyt
      • Continued our robotics unit.  Ask your child about their progress.
    • Holobek
      • Read an article about black holes and discussed how they form.
      • Watched a video about how supermassive black holes form and new technologies that are being developed to study black holes.
    • Williams
      • Presented our health projects to others in the Lower School.  Ask your child about how their presentations went.

    Social Studies

    We are nearly finished with explorers…finally!

    • Explorers Quiz March 1st
    • Initial explorations were made by John Cabot and Jacques Cartier looking for the northwest passage.
    • The rise of the English naval power led to the defeat of the Spanish Armada.


  8. Week of February 13th -16th

    February 17, 2017 by saveryt

    News of the Week:

    • Thank you to all parents who provided foods, drinks and supplies for our parties on Tuesday!  What a wonderful way to spend Valentine’s Day!
    • A group of students volunteered at Westminster on Monday.  Our next visit is on the 27th.  Please see the email sent on the 14th from Chris Holobek with requests from Westminster.


    Math:  We started unit 7 (decimals)

    • Old workbooks were sent home to be used as review as you see fit.
    • New texts and workbooks were distributed.
    • Linked 1/10 with 0.1 and 17/100 with 0.17 (place value)



    • Essential Question:  Why do people run for public office?
    • Genre:  Fantasy
    • Reading Strategy and Skill: Make predictions, point of view
    • Vocabulary building:  Idioms



    • Inflectional endings  (words ending in a consonant +y) – change the “y” to an “i” and add the ending -ed, -er, -est, -ly.


    Grammar:  Pronouns – subject, object, reflexive



    • Perspective writing
    • Worked on typing Three Wishes for the World
    • Identified simple, compound, and complex sentences; practiced composing all three kinds of sentences (quiz next Weds. Feb. 22)



    Our Spanish classes have aligned nicely with social studies for the past few weeks as we have explored the geography of South and Central America.  We incorporated the South American capitals into our TPRS stories while using sentence structures for describing where someone is from, what they want, where they are going and how they are getting there in Spanish.  This week we have been reviewing structures and vocabulary for telling time.


    We are still in need of some host families for the Spanish students coming April 18-29th.  Please let Señora Nole or Ms. McGonagle know if you are interested in hosting a student.



    We are off to a great start with our recorders!  If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to read through the recorder guidelines and take a look at your child’s assignment sheet.  Our first playing quiz will be over song #12 on page 6 in their book next week.  Please encourage your child to practice assignments carefully and consistently in a quiet place in your home.  Ten to fifteen minutes of careful practice of assignments at least five days a week should ensure their success and enjoyment with the recorder.  Please make sure to have them play for you, too!


  9. Week of February 6th – 10th

    February 12, 2017 by saveryt

    Please note the following upcoming dates:

    • Tuesday, February 14th, Valentine’s Day Party 2:30 pm
    • Friday, February 17th – no school for students, no aftercare provided
    • Monday, February 20th – Presidents’ Day – no school


    Language Arts:

    • Essential Question: Why do we need government?
    • Genre:  Informational Text:  Narrative Nonfiction
    • Comprehension Strategy & Skill:
      • Ask and answer questions
      • Cause and effect
    • Vocabulary:  Latin Roots
    • Spelling:  Inflectional endings: -ed, -ing, when to double the consonant
    • Grammar:  
      • Pronouns
        • Personal pronouns (subject pronouns)
        • Introduced to relative and indefinite pronouns
      • Agreement between pronoun and its antecedent



    • Reviewed for Unit 6 assessment
    • Administered Unit 6 assessment
    • Administered a Benchmark assessment for units 1 – 6



    • Opinion Writing:  Finished rough draft 3 point paragraph on Wishes for the World
    • Typing/printing rough draft for further revision
    • Mini-marathon writing – 5 to 7 topics within 20 minutes in writer’s notebook



    • Averyt
      • Continued our robotics unit.  Ask your child about their progress.
    • Holobek
      • Reviewed for Sun, Moon, and Planets assessment
      • Administered Sun, Moon, and Planets assessment
      • Read articles about Galileo, Copernicus, and Newton
      • Created a timeline of the major discoveries/inventions/theories of Galileo, Copernicus, and Newton
    • Williams
      • Continued to work on our healthy eating projects.  Ask your child about what their group has accomplished thus far.


  10. Week of January 30th – February 3rd

    February 3, 2017 by saveryt

    Important News:

    • Students organized the Book Swap on Monday afternoon, putting books in four sections (board books, early readers, grades 1 – 3, and grades 4 – 5), as well as organizing them by fiction, poetry, history, etc.
    • Six students volunteered at Westminster on Monday.  Not only did they build hygiene kits for the homeless bags, but they also emptied the numerous bags of clothes, putting clothing on hangers and hanging them where they belonged.



    • Students applied their knowledge of fractions (adding, subtracting, mixed numbers, etc) by working through a variety of word problems
    • There will be a unit test over this unit on Tuesday.
    • We will begin the Benchmark assessment for units 1 – 6 on Wednesday next week.  



      • Freak the Mighty:  


    • Out of My Mind: Melody has joined her school’s quiz team and they are headed to Washington D.C. However, tragedy strikes when Melody is left behind by her schoolmates. Will Melody be able to forgive her peers and herself?
    • White Star A Dog on the Titanic:  Completed the novel.  Sam survived the sinking of the Titanic thanks to Star, the Irish setter.  Pulled aboard a nearby lifeboat, Sam and Star spend a cold night awaiting rescue by the ship, Carpathia.  Sam agrees to help collect stories for Carpathia passenger and journalist, Carlos Hurd.  Sam endures the sadness of losing his best friend, Buckey.  Students chose a project to be completed at home.  Due date is Monday, February 13th.




    • Completed typing expanded paragraph
    • Completed a prewrite and began a rough draft for three point paragraph
    • Completed a free write entry in writer’s notebook

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