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MAY 15TH – 19TH

May 21, 2017 by saveryt   

News of the Week – FINAL EDITION:

  • Welcomed back Mr Waters from his wedding weekend!
  • Attended the sixth grade Memorial Day Ceremony
  • Attended the Senior Serenade on Friday!
  • Going to see the third grade productions of Johnny Appleseed, the Musical on Tuesday of next week.
  • Field Day is next Wednesday – hoping for pleasant weather!
  • Thursday is a half-day, with dismissal at 11.00.



  • Continued figuring the perimeter and area of composite figures (a combination of rectangles creating one figure)
  • The students began planning their own playgrounds, based on the area and perimeter of our present playground.  




  • The Cay: The students are enjoying the novel, we will finish the novel early next week.  Timothy gets rid of bad jumbi (bad luck). Phillip helps Timothy through a recurrence of malaria, but there is a fierce hurricane coming.  Timothy leaves Phillip a legacy that will insure his survival.
  • Out of My Mind:


  • Tuck Everlasting:
  • Genre: Informational Article
  • Vocabulary:  
    • archaeology, document, era, evidence,expedition, permanent, tremendous, uncover
    • Using context clues to understand proverbs and adages
  • Strategies:  Comprehension – Summarizing;  Skill – Sequencing



  • Words spelled with a consonant+le at the end (pebble, jungle, buckle, etc)


Grammar:  Comparing using:

  • good – better, best
  • bad – worse, worst



  • Wrapping up five paragraph persuasive essay
  • Ending with a strong conclusion
  • Finish typing, revising, and editing



  • Holobek
    • Continued our robotics unit.  Ask your child about their progress.
  • Averyt and Williams
    • Finished building our bottle rockets
    • Launched bottle rockets outside.  Ask your child about how their rocket performed.


Social Studies:


  • The war has ended—learned about the people who helped Washington defeat Cornwallis at Yorktown
  • Explained the importance of the Battle of Yorktown.
  • Described the results of the American Revolution both positive and negative



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