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April 24th – April 28th

April 29, 2017 by saveryt   

Book Fair!!!

Dear Families: Get ready to celebrate the love of reading with our upcoming Scholastic Book Fair! We will have many fun reading activities and events planned for your child as part of the Fair. We hope you can join us! Visit the Book Fair with your student between May 1st and May 5th to join in the fun.

This year, one of our Book Fair goals is to ensure as many children as possible have access to and receive books. One of the ways we can do that is through the All for Books program. With your help, donations will purchase books for First Baptist Food Pantry and Crooked Creek Pantry.

Not only does your donation help our cause, but Scholastic Book Fairs® will match monetary donations with a donation of up to $1 million in books from The Scholastic Possible Fund, which distributes books to children in need through organizations such as Kids In Need Foundation, Reader to Reader, Inc., and the National Center for Families Learning.

Coin-a-day Challenge

Next week, our school is participating in a coin drive called the Coin-a-day Challenge. Each day represents a different type of coin.

  •                Penny Monday
  •                Nickel Tuesday
  •                Dime Wednesday
  •                Quarter Thursday
  •                Any Coin Friday

If you have loose coins hiding under couch cushions, floor mats, in pants pockets, or the bottom of your bag, put them to good use by giving students more access to books they’ll want to read! Our school will use the donations to purchase books for First Baptist Food Pantry and Crooked Creek Pantry.

On behalf of the students and teachers of our school, THANK YOU!


Tina Kluemper

Park Tudor Scholastic Book Fair Chairperson

(Please continue below for our regular weekly happenings in Grade 4)


News of the Week:

  • NOTE:  The last day for After Care will be Wednesday, the 24th May.  There will not be any After Care on the last day of school (Thursday the 25th).
  • Special Person Day is next Friday, the 5th of May.  Information and a schedule will be sent home soon!
  • The annual Book Fair begins next week!  Each homeroom will visit the fair twice – once to shop and get an idea of what is there, and the second time to purchase.  The book fair will be open before/during Friday’s Special Person Day.
  • The students participated in the Ruth Lilly Center’s Ready, Set, Grow! program on Tuesday.
  • We were also invited to watch a preview of the middle school’s production of The Lion King on Tuesday.
  • Monday (the 8th) will be another visit to Westminster.  We are full for that visit.  There are still available spaces for the 22nd.
  • Saturday (29th) is our first Community Garden Day in the LS Courtyard, from 10 – 12.  Come on by and help with some plantings!



  • Began using a new math tool – the drawing triangle.  This is handy when creating perpendicular and parallel lines.
  • Identified horizontal and vertical lines in drawings and in our classroom.
  • Identified what makes a square a square, and what makes a rectangle a rectangle.  We also learned all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares.
  • If we split a 90° angle into two smaller angles (one being 52°), we were able to find the size of the remaining angle without using a protractor.
  • We could evaluate the length of a figure’s side using what we know about squares and rectangles (opposite sides are equal and they all have 90° angles)



  • The Big Idea:  What helps you understand the world around you?
  • Essential Question:  What are some reasons people moved west?
  • Main genre:  tall tales
  • Comprehension Strategy:  Visualize
  • Comprehension Skill:  Cause & Effect
  • Vocabulary:  multiple meanings of a word


  • Closed syllables – syllables ending with a long-vowel sound (ba-con, tea-cher, fa-mous, etc)



  • Articles:  a, an, the
  • Introduced demonstrative adjectives:  this, that, these, those



  • Williamsburg Journals are due Monday, May 1st
  • Worked on a poetry project using similes and metaphors
  • Students have organized their pre-write of their five paragraph persuasive essay
  • Examined examples of three different approaches to the introductory paragraph
    • General Statement Introduction
    • Interrogatory Introduction
    • Quotation Introduction
  • Each student selected an approach, adding a further lead followed by a thesis statement


Social Studies

  • Williamsburg Journals are due Monday, May 1st
  • Illustrated Road to Revolution Timelines
  • Identified the battles that began the Revolution and the point at which war was unavoidable.
  • Explained the importance of Bunker Hill


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