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Week of March 20th – 24th

April 7, 2017 by saveryt   

News of the Week:

  • The students had another opportunity to go to Westminster on Monday, March 20th .  They got to help the clients shop for groceries and clothes.
  • The annual fifth grade vs faculty basketball game was held on Friday March 24th – and the students won in an overtime!
  • Information about packing and money was sent home on Friday.  There was also an email about this from Mrs Williams.



  • We started measuring angles this week (angles, not angels)
  • We started constructing angles using the protractor, a new tool for many of the students.
  • Today, we had some rotations where the students had the opportunity to practice what we’d learned this week.



    • Snow Treasure:  What an ending!  If you haven’t read this (written by Marie McSwigan – not really a very Norwegian name), pick it up at the library.  
    • Mouse and the Motorcycle:  Finished this adorable Beverly Cleary book and watched a short film of the story. There is a sequel – Runaway Ralph
    • Castle in the Attic:  Alastor is defeated, and Sir Simon has reclaimed his kingdom.  William and his nanny return to the real world.  There is a sequel!  Battle for the Castle
    • The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles – Tom, Ben, and Lindy have reached the palace and will finally get to meet the Whangdoodle.  Can the professor solve the Whangdoodle’s problem?





  • Completed a basic outline for five paragraph persuasive essay



Please remember to be thoughtful and careful about where you take your weavings. If you aren’t going to be gone the entire break just leave it at home. Those of you who have made it to the middle line and don’t know how to weave the flap, just wait. If you have started weaving the flap and finish it, just wait.

Have a great break!



  • Averyt
    • Concluded our robotics unit
  • Holobek
    • Launched our bottle rockets outside.  Ask your child about their experience.
  • Williams
    • Reviewed the digestive and circulatory systems
    • Discussed dissection expectations
    • Dissected a bullfrog in small groups.  Ask your child about their experience.



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