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February 27th – March 10th

March 11, 2017 by saveryt   

General Announcements:

  • Thursday afternoon – 4th grade enjoyed the upper school production of Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes!”
  • Thank you for your recent donations.  We will be going to Westminster again on Monday and appreciate donations of clothing and toiletry items.  
  • Looking forward to next week meeting author, Elise Broach, on Tuesday, March 14th.  Information sent home on purchasing one of her books.
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences are next week on Thursday and Friday, March 16th and 17th.  Please use sign up genius to schedule your appointment.  We look forward to meeting with you.



  • Finished Chapter 7 an introduction to decimals to the tenths and hundredths place
  • Began adding and subtracting decimals to the hundredths place
  • “Regrouping”: our key word when adding and subtracting decimals. Instead of using words like borrowing and carrying, this word more accurately portrays what is happening. For example, regrouping 10 tenths as 1 one when adding or regrouping 1 one as 10 tenths when subtracting.
  • There will be a Chapter 8 “Quest” on Wednesday, March 15th.



  • Unit 4 Week 4
    • Essential Question – How do you explain what you see in the sky? (Genre – Expository Text)
    • Comprehension Strategy – asking and answering questions
    • Comprehension Skill – cause and effect
    • Vocabulary – Using context clues
  • Unit 4 Week 5
    • How do writer’s look at success in different ways? (Genre – Narrative Poetry)
    • Comprehension Strategy – literary elements – stanza, and use of repetition
    • Comprehension Skill – Theme
    • Vocabulary – exposed students to the terms denotation and connotation



  • Week 4 – diphthongs /oi/,  /oy/, /ou/, /ow/ (ex. – noises, annoy, mound, gown)
  • Week 5 – variant /o/ – au (caught), aw (drawn), al (halt), all (small), ough, (fought)


  • Week 4 – Possessive pronouns must match the noun they replace in number and gender
  • Week 5 – Types of pronouns and homophones – your/you’re, there/their/they’re, its/it’s, he/he’s


  • Opinion writing – “Would you rather”
  • Quiz on simple, compound, complex sentences
  • Finishing up Three Wishes for the World 3 point paragraph
  • Began discussing the art of persuading and persuasive writing



  • Averyt
    • Continued our robotics unit.  Ask your child about their progress.
  • Holobek
    • Demonstrated Newton’s Three Laws of Motion through various activities
    • Created paper rockets and tested to see what length of nose cone made the rocket fly the farthest.
    • Began working on building our soda bottle rockets.  Ask your child about their progress.
  • Williams
    • Read and discussed about how plants make their food through the process of photosynthesis and how nutrients are transported through xylem and phloem.
    • Planted seeds of broccoli, peas, spinach, and kale in our DIY greenhouse.  We are planning to plant them outside in late April after they have sprouted.
    • Began learning about the circulatory system of the human body and comparing it to how plants transport nutrients.



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