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Week of January 30th – February 3rd

February 3, 2017 by saveryt   

Important News:

  • Students organized the Book Swap on Monday afternoon, putting books in four sections (board books, early readers, grades 1 – 3, and grades 4 – 5), as well as organizing them by fiction, poetry, history, etc.
  • Six students volunteered at Westminster on Monday.  Not only did they build hygiene kits for the homeless bags, but they also emptied the numerous bags of clothes, putting clothing on hangers and hanging them where they belonged.



  • Students applied their knowledge of fractions (adding, subtracting, mixed numbers, etc) by working through a variety of word problems
  • There will be a unit test over this unit on Tuesday.
  • We will begin the Benchmark assessment for units 1 – 6 on Wednesday next week.  



    • Freak the Mighty:  


  • Out of My Mind: Melody has joined her school’s quiz team and they are headed to Washington D.C. However, tragedy strikes when Melody is left behind by her schoolmates. Will Melody be able to forgive her peers and herself?
  • White Star A Dog on the Titanic:  Completed the novel.  Sam survived the sinking of the Titanic thanks to Star, the Irish setter.  Pulled aboard a nearby lifeboat, Sam and Star spend a cold night awaiting rescue by the ship, Carpathia.  Sam agrees to help collect stories for Carpathia passenger and journalist, Carlos Hurd.  Sam endures the sadness of losing his best friend, Buckey.  Students chose a project to be completed at home.  Due date is Monday, February 13th.




  • Completed typing expanded paragraph
  • Completed a prewrite and began a rough draft for three point paragraph
  • Completed a free write entry in writer’s notebook


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